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Thank you for considering the Proveway affiliate program. Our affiliates are very important to us. This agreement is designed with you in mind, as well as protecting you, Proveway, and our customers. Please read thoroughly. If you have any questions, please contact us at support@proveway.com.

Affiliate Agreement

This agreement describes the terms and conditions for participation in the Proveway affiliate program. In this agreement, the term "Affiliate" refers to you (the applicant). In this agreement, “Proveway” refers to Proveway Pvt. Ltd, with whom you are entering this agreement. By applying to the Proveway affiliate program you are confirming that you have read the agreement and agree to the terms and conditions.


  1. Your commission will be added post 24 hours after installation and selection of paid plan since Shopify doesn’t allow plan charges if someone removes the app within 24 hours
  2. You’ll only earn a commission when customers through your link select any of the paid plan selections that are $9.99, $19.99, or $29.99


You’ll get a monthly Payment every 28th day of the month for apps installed on or before the 25th of the month of payment.

Example: - If someone through your link Installs the app and goes through trial, in this case, you’ll not earn a commission. However, as soon he/she selects the paid plan for the first time. You’ll get a % commission rewarded post 24 hours after the selection of the plan.

Remember, you will be paid commission only for the first-time charge.

Terms and Termination

The cookie time period is set to 30 days.

Either party has the right to terminate the agreement immediately without prior notice.

If the Affiliate decides to terminate the agreement, no further commissions from Proveway will be paid for any past or future customer transactions.